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Hand Health Unlimited offers a full line of hand fitness tools that each have their own fitness conditioning advantage.  HandHealth.com evolved from a revolutionary program published as a book and video in 1988 –  Finger Fitness: “The Art of Finger Control” created  by Greg and Lorraine Irwin. Finger Fitness helps improve the strength, limberness and coordination of your hands by isolating and exercising natural hand movements.  Over the years with the advice of a certified hand therapist products were added and now include unique hand grippers, largest selection of Chinese Therapy Balls, Finger Fitness exercise book, DVDs and downloads,  helpful products for carpal tunnel syndrome, fine motor skill development tools and much more.  Our  products help prevent hand stress and  fatigue and are also used for hand rehabilitation.






  1.     Greg Irwin, creator of the Finger Fitness exercise
  2.     program appeared on “The Tonight Show” twice.




Featured Product of the month – the FiddlLink

A great Fine Motor Skill Development tool or simply a Fun Stress Reliever.  



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Bundles are great for Musicians, Computer Users, Gamers, Magicians, Surgeons, Athletes, Children, Seniors and many more

Over the years the number and types of visitors to our site has increased dramatically due to the ever increasing cases of Repetitive Motion Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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