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HandHealth is the Fitness Site for Your Hands!

Improvement, Prevention, & Rehabilitation for Healthier Hands.

We originated the Finger Fitness exercise program, a series of exercises designed to enhance the strength, dexterity and coordination of your hands. This approach to hand conditioning is a powerful tool for boosting performance for athletes, musicians, and typists just to name a few.

If your hands are in better physical condition you maximize your ability to perform. You also are less prone to injuries. We use our hands for just about everything, but over look the conditioning of our hands. Hand Health Unlimited has put together the best products to help improve your hand strength, dexterity, limberness and finger independence. Check out our bundles for musicians, athletes, computer operators, and others.

Spring Video Download Special - 2 Finger Fitness Videos and E-book - ONLY $29.95

The book explains the program and the videos visually reinforce the exercises in a fun way.

All levels are covered from Beginners to Advanced
1. "The Art of Finger Control" E-book
2. "The Complete Hand Workout" video
3. "The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide" video
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PERSONALIZED Product Bundles also Available
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Greg Irwin on the Tonight Show

Greg Irwin first demonstrated Finger Fitness on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1988

"The Complete Hand Workout" video is part of this months download package - check out this overview.

Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans

In January Greg was invited to do a Hand Fitness workshop at George Whitfield's training camp for quarterbacks in San Diego. Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans were two of the top college players who participated.

New Feature DVD

The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide

“How to Maximize your Hand Strength and Coordination”

New level coded exercise sections for beginning to advanced users.

Advanced Finger Fitness Guide DVD back
  Truly an exciting new way to improve the ability of your hands that is both fun and rewarding!

Finger Fitness is a series of exercises designed to enhance hand strength, coordination, finger independence and fine motor response – exercises you can do anywhere, any time. All you need are your hands. And this approach to hand conditioning is a powerful tool for boosting performance and strength in specialized applications, such as playing a musical instrument, typing on a computer or carrying out a delicate surgical procedure.

  • All 15 exercise sections are level coded 1-5 for ease of use.
  • Exercises are ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace to enhance and maintain flexibility and dexterity.
  • Includes two new Dazzling Digital Dances!

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