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Founder of Hand Health Unlimited, Greg Irwin

Greg Irwin, Founder of Hand Health

Our unique company, Hand Health Unlimited has evolved from a revolutionary program published as the book Finger Fitness: The Art of Finger Control in 1988 by Greg and Lorraine Irwin. Additional videos, Finger Fitness: The Art of Finger Control, Finger Fitness: The Complete Hand Workout and The Advanced Hand Workout followed.

With the advice from certified hand therapists, additional products were added to complement the Finger Fitness program and handhealth.com came online in 1997.

Handhealth.com continues to offer a variety of products available for anyone looking to improve manual dexterity, help prevent hand stress and fatigue or for hand rehabilitation.

First Finger Fitness Appearance, 1988 With Johnny Carson

Our updated website features:

Visitors to our site include athletes, doctors, computer users, gamers, magicians, musicians, surgeons, teachers, therapists — basically anyone who is involved in hand-intensive activities.

Over the years the number and types of visitors to our site has increased dramatically due to the ever increasing cases of Repetitive Motion Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and Cumulative Trauma injuries.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.

We are constantly adding new products, bundles and downloads such as the children’s DVD we just released, so please stop back in the future.

We welcome your questions, comments and testimonials on both the Finger Fitness program and the HandHealth website so we can continue to improve and offer you, our customers what you need.

Thank you for visiting our website.

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