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POWER-WEB® Combo Hand Exercisers

Available in four different combinations featuring six resistance levels

The Power-Web Combo offers the unique advantage of the two resistance levels on one web, offering greater flexibility and value. It is identical in size band weight as the original POWER-WEB® with the same high quality construction and materials.

Level 0 – Ultra Light (Beige) ‚ Least Resistance and Level 2 – Medium (Red) – Moderate Resistance

Level 1 – Light (Yellow) Slight Resistance and Level 3 – Heavy (Green)

Level 2 – Medium (Red) – Moderate Resistance / Level 4 – Super Heavy (Blue)

Level 3 – Heavy (Green) / Level 5 – Ultra Heavy (Black)

• Increase Flexibility!

• Reduce Arthritis Pain!

• Color coded resistance levels for variability

• For all hand sizes and strength levels

• Can Help Relieve or Prevent Carpal Tunnel!

• One exerciser does the work of many

• Easy and fun to use

• 39 Exercises shown in  manual

The Power-Web Combo is designed for activities including karate , weight lifters, golf, baseball, mountain climbers and football players where strength is vital.


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