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The main focus of the Finger Fitness New Frontier video is for handhealth development. If you move only one hand as you clap while the other is stationary it forces you to think with that hand. This process is applied to many of the traditional Finger Fitness exercises such as Folding, Shuffling and the Cross-Thrus.  This video was shot using three high definition cameras which gives it more of a 3D effect. This is very helpful when viewing the new 4 Corner Shuffling exercises.

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Sample exercise from Finger Fitness New Frontier video – Folding Variations

If you do Finger Fitness exercises a few minutes a day on a daily basis most people feel more strength, coordination and limberness. Finger Fitness New Frontier is highly recommended for those who need the highest level of coordination such as musicians, typists, surgeons and magicians  (just to name a few). It is especially for Finger Fitness Fanatics! Take care of your hands and they will take care of you!


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The original video and E-book ‘The Art of Finger Control” are also included on the USB. They provide a quick overall understanding of the Finger Fitness exercise program.  This will help as a foundation for those who really want to learn these very advanced complex isolation exercises.

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