Finger Weights Slip-On or Strap-On Models

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Finger Weights Slip-On or Strap-On Models

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Use: Music

Benefits:Used by Professional and Amateur musicians, FingerWeights increase speed, dexterity, endurance, and control for all players – all instruments. Fits comfortably on any size finger and is worn during practice and pre-performance warm-up. FingerWeights target the extensor and flexor muscles, the tiny muscles that open and close the fingers. The extensors (speed muscles) determine how quickly the musician can move from one key or string to the next. The flexors close the fingers and are essential for purity of tone. The Musician is a unique form of athlete. Whether driven by string or wind, FingerWeights are guaranteed to improve your playing.


Benefits: Worn to exercise and strengthen the fingers and hands. Used by Occupational and Physical Therapists for upper extremity rehabilitation of their patients, FingerWeights also help in the fight against Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and Tendonitis pain. FingerWeights help reduce morning stiffness and are guaranteed to improve flexibility, dexterity, and strength in the fine motor muscles of the hands, targeting both the extensor and flexor muscles. Ideal for use in both clinical and in-home setts. FingerWeights are used to promote health and general wellness of the upper extremities, and utilize the accepted principles of progressive weight training practiced by Sports Medicine Specialists to improve performance and rehabilitate injuries.

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Use: Athletics

Benefits: Used by athletes at all levels of game to increase range, speed, accuracy, and power. Designed specifically for sports, the two-piece Universal Model straps securely to any size finger and is to be worn during sport specific practice and training routines. FingerWeights utilize torque, the physics principle behind a 100 m.p.h. fastball, the 350 yard drive, an 80 yard pass, or 150 m.p.h. serve.

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